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Type of Car

Posted on: Maret 22, 2012

There are only four types of four-wheeled vehicles in the world of sedans, jeeps, minibuses and pickup that are categorized by function. Over time, this four-wheeled vehicles have evolved to meet the needs of consumers will be a comfortable car functions. Now there are several types of cars is very convenient for consumers.

1. SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles)

SUV is a handsome four-wheeled vehicles such as jeeps, but comfortable as a sedan. Shape is like a jeep has a high ground clearance, full-featured, comfortable seats and a capacity of 5 passengers up to 7 passengers, relatively more expensive. These vehicles are designed to be used off road or street highway such as Terano Nissan, Mitsubishi Pajero, Honda CRV and Toyota Fortuner.

2. Hatchback

Hatchback is a sedan with no baggage. The features, the hatchback has a resemblance to the sedan. Hatchback driven using two-wheel drive front wheel driven. Small form widely used by young people and small families such as Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris and Daihatsu Sirion.

3. MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles)

When consumers crave a car that contains many of the passengers as comfortable as a sedan minibus but appears MPV type four-wheeled vehicles. MPV is divided into two small MPV like the Toyota Avanza and big MPV like the Toyota Alphard.  This car can carry seven passengers, spacious cabin and a large door.  Examples are the Nissan Serena, Toyota Alphard and Toyota Avanza.

4. City Car

The function is similar to the MPV can carry five passengers as well as goods, but body size and engine capacity smaller city car. When it will be used to carry goods, usually the rear seat must be folded first. City car more suitable for use in the city because of its small and agile. If used outside the city, city car less convenient to use. City car is also economical because fuel-efficient. Examples are Nissan March, Karimun Estilo and Kia Picanto.

I prefer the type of SUV because it looks sporty and has a wider space. Fortuner which has a particularly attractive design.
Type of car that can keep us at high streets were flooded or damaged roads.


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