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Posted on: April 22, 2012

My name is Martha Lasma, I am 22 years old. I lived in Bekasi as a child, I could say the original Bekasi. I have one older sister, whose name was Natalia. We differ only 1 years 4 months. My brother works as a high school teacher. Actually my parents wanted to be a teacher, but I wanted to become an accountant. Therefore, I majored in accounting at the University of Gunadarma.

Since junior high school, I was fascinated by the world of accounting, even though they say accounting accounting difficult but for me it’s fun. I love accounting. I often dreamed of being a public accountant and worked with people who both love the world of accounting. My hobby is listening to music, reading articles about health and drama movies. Music for my passion for life can be as power, because a world without music like silence. I like many animals, including that I care for my hamster. Hamsters can be a stress reliever for me, funny and adorable. I have a lot of hamsters in the house, there are approximately 20 hamsters. Many people say that my hamster too zealous in large quantities. Feed and clean the cage is my daily activities.

Yellow, it’s kind of WW Golden, I love the name Nden because fat and funny. Eating too much, but I limit my food because it can be overweight if overfed. Hamsters also have heart disease and obesity. Nden has 4 brothers, but others already in the adoption ama ama people who love them. Same time also sad they split up. But if anyone is interested and willing to care for them I do not matter.

In addition to pet hamsters, I also have another pet that is Labi-Labi. Labi-Labi is the length of the turtle’s head, usually people call it by name Bulus. I care for my Bulus since childhood, when the size of a bowl of chili. At that time I bought Bulus at 15 thousand dollars. Is relatively cheap too, Bulusku present size of the bowl already familiar with a diameter of about 20 cm. Every day I feed Bulus the small fish, chicken or chicken skin. Pellets actually like but also fed pellets that later wrote a long size. Turtle can bite, I’ve been bitten until the bloody hands, and therefore to replace the water container must be careful. I think it’s fun keep animals alive.


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