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Half of My Soul

Posted on: Mei 4, 2012

I almost cried last night I read something that I do not know all this. I just knew I was under observation during the past year alone. I might have known him a long time, watching and secretly loved her. Different from others who have long supported a variety of expressions of feelings when he was artfully on stage and being the focus with other activities.

The first thing that made me fall in love with him sincerity is to see the smile on his face, not everyone has it. golden disk award, who delivered the first dvd I met someone who has humility, sincerity and a lot of talent. sincerity and strong will to learn to do something that interests him is in addition to why I was so fascinated by him.

Lee Sungmin is a person who really matters in my life. he was someone who taught me that life must be lived with a real sincerity. His return to Indonesia today through SS4 probably not the right moment for us to meet. But that I know, learning to prepare for a day which is the right moment for us to meet.


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