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Harvest of Manalagi Mango

Posted on: Mei 23, 2012

May is the time for me and my family for the feast of mango. That’s because the mango tree in front of my house has been fruitful, very nice. My mango tree is a  Manalagi mango, at home I have two mango trees Manalagi. There are over 10 years old and 4 years. My parents used to buy a mango tree when the tree Manalagi was a kid, I thought was how many years away from enjoying it. Moreover, many people who consider planting a mango tree will bear fruit long, it’s better to buy just that much easier. But because my family and I have positive thoughts and believe must one day it will bear fruit the mango tree. And it really paid off, when you first buy a mango tree height is approximately 175cm. Leaves of the tree is still very little and looks very vulnerable to death. Finally my father who care for the plant, given once every 2 months of manure. Made for watering once every two days, when the afternoon arrives. After a few months, the mango tree does not show the progress of growth. Because the land was transferred to the next, after that the mango tree grows to a height of nearly 4 lush yards. One time my mom bought a mango tree that was a child again, and grown on land where mangoes before they are placed. Because the vast area of my home so my family did not try to use the land as possible.

I still remember the first time a large mango tree growth and development, very happy to see him as a sign that we hope to be able to enjoy a mango tree itself can be achieved. Interval of about 2 years that has not been a big mango eventually grow flowers as well, very surprising considering that tree height is only 2.5 meters. My neighbor’s house was also surprised to see it, not expecting so soon bear fruit.

One thing that is funny that these two have the mango trees to bear fruit at the same time, around February. So there are about 3 months of growth and development until it becomes ripe mango tree. My mango trees bear fruit every once a year.

Manalagi mango not have the size of a mango Harum Manis. The characteristics of the mango skin is ready to be picked is a bit rough when seen, mangoes can be enjoyed if it had a fragrant smell. Although not mushy when pressed, but the mango is ripe fragrant harbinger. Manalagi mango has a smooth texture is white, when it was not yet ripe mango sour as others, when eaten like eating sweet potatoes that tastes crisp and crunchy. When the mango is really ripe, very sweet taste sweeter than sugar. I do not think there can be as sweet Manalagi mango.  Manalagi mango is number one!! 🙂




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